How it works

Apprepo is a non-profit volunteer project. Although every effort is made to ensure that everything in the repository is safe to install, you use it AT YOUR OWN RISK. 
Find an application

Use search field to find a application you need. As an alternative to search you can go through the category and pick an application you need.

Download an application

After you have foud an application you need download it. We recommend to download it into the folder ~/Applications.

Give an execution permittions

You can write the command like chmod +x ./*.AppImage in the terminal or do using the file properties window provided by your file manager.

Desktop integration

The AppImage does not provide any desktop integration by default. You need to use external tools like and AppImageLauncher or appimaged. Alternatively you can use apprepo command line application - an experimental open-source tool developed as a part of this project. This is kinda package-manager for the apprepo. Currently you can do the basic operations with the AppImages like install / uninstall / search  / cleanup. This tool is under heavy development, there are bugs to expect and everything can be changed. You have been noticed!


This is an optional daemon that watches locations like ~/bin and ~/Downloads for AppImages and if it detects some, registers them with the system, so that they show up in the menu, have their icons show up, MIME types associated, etc. It also unregisters AppImages again from the system if they are deleted. Optionally you can use a sandbox if you like: If the firejail sandbox is installed, it runs the AppImages with it. Read more...


Using the AppImageLauncher you can always double click them without making them executable first, just like you should be able to do nowadays. You can integrate AppImages with a single mouse click, and manage them from your application launcher. Updating and removing AppImages becomes as easy as never before. Read more...